Friday, October 31, 2014


This blog was started as an outlet for my inner monologue to be able to vomited unto the world without fanfare. And as I do not expect anyone to ever read this I get to say whatever the hell I want.

So today's topic is my problem with feminist...or feminism...or whatever.
First off is masculinist a thing? I couldn't think of an appropriate antithesis to feminist and it occurred to me that only the counter-movements get to have an -ist, though I doubt that would stand up to intellectual critique. Also nothing in this will have citations so I'm simply writing about my particular world view as it was formed and not about yours, or hers, or his.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10 out of 10 Living People will Die

So is this going to be some journal of depression and emo doom? NO!

We all will die. All of us. From the richest to the poorest, healthiest to slobbiest all of us share one thing, we are all waiting to die.

So let's get a few things straight right off the bat.

Do I think that you or anyone else cares what I have to say? No!
Do I think that my opinions are more valid? There is certainly a home team bias but I understand my limits and love to have my views challenged.

Religion? I'm Taoist, or at least claim to be. What this means is simply that I do not view humanity as separate from any other entity in our universe. Are there multiple universes? I don't know but if there are and we are par of them then so be it.
It also means that I view life and death as a cycle of each other and cosmic entanglement in everything.
I suppose the biggest thing is I do not believe in an all powerful God who has a long beard and sits atop a throne of contradiction while allowing hell to be run by his unequal opposite.
I have no real problem with the judeo-christian narrative other than their desire to force it upon everyone else. At any rate if higher powers work by popular vote then Christ is a ways behind the Hindu gods anyway and its a moot point. BUT. I do live in an oddly Christian nation and more over I live the most christian portion of this christian nation. Freedom of religion my ass, our money bows down before the glory of god, which is a wonderful metaphor for our entire nation.

Politically I am neither Democrat nor Republican nor Independent nor Libertarian nor Communist. Like Washington I believe that parties are the bane of democracy. I believe what I believe and not what I don't. Fuck parties and dogmatic adherence to outdated ideology.

I believe that America is not a democracy. It is an oligarchy run by the rich for the rich. This wasn't always the case however and I do truly buy into what the constitution has to offer not withstanding modern oligarchical reinterpretations. This is one of the reason I decided to serve my country, though in my youth I was more idealistic. I also take the "defend from both foreign and domestic" threats thing seriously and view the modern oligarchy as a threat against the constitution. I'm just not sure yet how to defend against that particular threat.

I view our criminal justice system as deeply flawed as well as our entire system of torts.
I have severe issues with health care and health insurance in this country.
I feel that executives are overcompensated and workers are under compensated and somehow the wealthy elite have convinced the sheeple that this is as it should be and in fact low paid workers are a drain on the system and should have less. What the fuck is wrong with people?
Oh yeah, education is heavily biased towards the ruling elite.

Do I have any proof? Fuck no.

What about feminism and homosexuality?
Honestly I don't care. I was raised or evolved or somehow came to the conclusion that anyone who can meet the requirements can overcome a challenge. It always bothered me that men and women in the military who did the same jobs had different PT standards. One standard, either you meet it or you don't.
Same sex marriages? Why should I be allowed to comment on what makes other people happy? You want to marry a dude and be dudes together? Good on you, have fun. You want to be a two woman strong couple? Go for it.
The only thing I am against is anything that takes advantage of or denies rights to another human. So that weird cult in Utah that weds off 12 year girls, yeah they need to have a team of assassins hired to weed them out.

And on that note I do not support our drug laws or the DEA. When I can go to the store and buy a few cartons of cigarettes and enough alcohol to kill a small tropical island but I can't get a Loratab from my Doctor there is something seriously wrong. Fuck you, so long as I'm not hurting anyone I should be allowed to do what I want. I mean currently I can't show up to work drunk, high would be the same. I have kids and if I drank to neglect they would be taken away, same with any other drug. Just because a few can't handle their cocaine doesn't mean we all have a problem sheeple!

Abortion? Man I don't know. I'm undecided on this one. I see lots of arguments for and against and lots of exceptions and ways around it and ARGGGG. Currently I default to the view of children's mother. And that argument about what if one of your kids had been aborted, that is a flawed argument so just don't.

Race? America is probably the most polarized....well actually no South Africa probably is more polarized.
I live in the Southern United States and I can honestly say that here segregation still exists today and it is not always forced by the white overlords. Sure you may say that poor black communities have no choice but in our area there are wealthy communities that are exclusively black as well. Those people did have a choice and they chose separation. Black culture also seems to stuck in some misogynist, materialistic, anti-educational, violent, hate worship. Its strong enough that when you find examples outside of that culture they are joyful.
I think there are plenty of examples of non-racial blacks in america as well. Lamar Burton and the science guy OMG I have blanked. Tyson. Neil. Degrassi. That guy.
I don't view them as black or blacks acting white....honestly I never even consider race when they do what they do. For me they transcend race. Any example of any person who transcends race or gender is what I look for in my ideal world. And there are plenty.
Again this goes back to my if you can meet the standard nothing else matters statement.
At the same time I find it annoying when people go out of their way to proclaim that have a black, homosexual, vagina and that makes them either better or the same. I don't care. Can you do whatever it is despite your race, gender, sexual orientation? then who gives a fuck?
Wanna proclaim how awesome it is to be a woman while giving birth? Go for it, that truly is something that only one gender can do.
And that is another thing, I'm not saying that that gender, race, sexuality, or any other trait do not provide differences amongst us humans simply that unless those differences actually matter any convoluted made up difference is bullshit.

What else?
Guns? I like guns. I also think that laws against ownership do not effect criminals who by definition are law breakers. We should focus more fixing the mentally ill in all seriousness.

Net Neutrality? The net should be free from corporate control. I absolutely believe that ISPs are merely custodians of the pathways and should have no influence on what travels those pathways so long as it does not harm the innocent, ie child porn, human trafficking, groups who go from hate to harm, etc.    
I also think that the term piracy and the application of copyright law are counter intuitive and short sighted. I've seen real piracy in Korea and Afghanistan and what we have here is a joke. As too copyright credit should be given where credit is due and if you profit off something you don't own then a percentage of your earnings should go to the copyright holder but allowing a selfish company to shut down or remove the audio from a youtube video is garbage.

And that is another thing. Corporations as persons? NO! Bad America, no banana.
They aren't persons. And they shouldn't be allowed to take a few benefits and ignore any responsibilities if they are gonna be persons. You want the right to use money as speech like a person well then you need to face justice when you kill people or cause ecological disasters. And not simply financial punishment. The Top executives should face prison terms as the agents of the Corporate Person for each count of murder, recklessness, etc committed under their reign.

Well thats about it for now. More later.