Saturday, November 1, 2014

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so I avoided the #gamergate thing as long as I could because for the most part it appeared to be a bunch of douche bags pissing off a bunch of holier than though douchy in a different way bags.

Then I read the tweets with the multiple death threats. And that pissed me off because thats not cool ever and that person should at a minimum be court ordered into therapy and locked up as a harm to society. Now there are the its all made up conspiracies but I have a feeling this would be fairly easy to prove and IF TRUE she would need to seek mental help BUT I don't think it was made up.

My issue with gamergate is that I despise anyone or any group who would use a cause in order to justify being a bully and exclusionist.
I know and know of far too many talented gamers who are female to believe any of the misogyny shit. Guys, I know women are scary and you don't like that they have a right to say no to having sex with you but that is not a justification for being an asshole. You are losers.

As to the journalism, well duh. really people of course there is influence from corporate entities. We need to teach cynicism in grade school.

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